“High School Dropout” – The HOPE Podcast Ep. 3

Episode 3. Christopher St-Hilaire shares his HOPE with us in an inspiring conversation about his journey from a high school dropout to Ivy League scholar.

Christopher dropped out of High School after one year, to the dismay of his parents. He didn’t feel like the standard curriculum served him. Not because of a lack of intelligence or work ethic but because his passions lay elsewhere: video games, knowledge and fast food. After months of pursuing those goals he underwent a transformation. He learned. He asked others for help. They helped. Fast forward to May 6th, 2020 – in the midst of a global pandemic and a hopeless time period for so many, Christopher made his own HOPE. Listen to an amazing conversation with an amazing person about that story and his philosophy on life.

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The Hope Podcast Ep. 3 “High School Dropout” with Christopher St-Hilaire

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