3 Ways to Feel at Home for the Holidays, Even If You’re Miles Away

By Carley Wright

For many of us, this holiday season may not look like the traditional holiday season we all know and love.  Due to COVID circumstances outside of our control, this holiday season  will seem bleak for many of us. Friends, family and nostalgic traditions go a far way in promoting positive mental health within us. This reality combined with the ever-present feelings of seasonal depression, can put a damper on one’s holiday spirit. Although this holiday season may seem grim, and may not be going as planned, there are still a few ways to find a little jolly and a sense of home during the holidays this year! 

Here are 3 ways to feel at home for the holidays, even if you’re miles away:

  1. Make Use of Technology

Often , technology can be the source of blame for all of our frustrations. We despise it when it’s too slow, yell at it when it operates with a mind of its own, and even blame the keyboard when our fingers can’t seem to type properly. Despite technology’s  clear downsides, we can’t deny the simple fact that technology is the holy grail when it comes to bringing people together from afar. If this holiday season lacks family and friends physically being near, embrace the technology that lies right at our fingertips for the next best thing! Call, FaceTime, Zoom, whatever platform may float your specific boat. Enjoy the presence of others during this holiday season, even if it may be by virtual means. 

  1. Create a New Holiday Tradition

Holidays are all about the traditions. Whether its family members bickering over who gets to break the turkey wishbone this year, or scoping out the presents to see which one is volunteering itself as tribute as the one present that gets opened on Christmas Eve; traditions are personal to each family and near and dear to all the hearts that share in the fun. This year we may not all be together for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean the traditions need to stop. This holiday season, come up with a new tradition; one that can easily be implemented during the next holiday season when friends and family are all around. Sing a holiday themed song, make a family favorite recipe, get creative. Create new traditions, while still maintaining the traditions you cherish each and every year. It is bound to fill our hearts with a sense of home. 

  1. Give to Others

Whether it’s your time, energy, money or baked goods, this holiday season is still a time for meaningful gestures and building a sense of community. There is no better way to combat loneliness and sadness, then finding joy and sharing it with others. There are plenty of opportunities to give back to those around us, especially during the holiday season. Volunteer, send holiday cards, participate in a toy drive, bake a pie for your neighbor, the options are endless. What’s important to know is that giving to others and spreading joy and love, curates a sense of gratitude and purpose. Bringing happiness to those around us in turn, can bring us happiness as well. No matter what our holiday season may look like this year, give freely and lovingly to others. 

The 2020 holiday season may find us in different places and celebrating in unconventional ways from years prior. However, even in such unprecedented (the year 2020’s favorite word) times, there is still joy to be felt as the holidays near. If you find yourself physically distanced from family or friends this holiday season, try one, two or all of these ways to help you feel more at home! Find the joy in this holiday season and be sure to spread it near and far. Happy Holidays! 

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