5 Mindful Resolutions to Make for the New Year

Carley Wright 

Along with a new year comes plenty of new year resolutions. What if this year, instead of making the resolution to lose 5 pounds or be a bit peppier, we decide to create resolutions that are mindful and support our overall mental health? 

Here are 5 mindful resolutions to make for the new year:

Be Your Own Advocate

The number one voice we hear is the voice of our own self that plays constantly within our minds. We are our own biggest supporter, just as we are our own worst enemy. A resolution we should all make for this new year is to be our own advocate, and provide ourselves with the kindness, respect and support we all deserve! 

Take Part in New Experiences

Life can become mundane when schedules consume our very existence. Our positive mindset can slip ever so slightly as our daily rituals quickly become monotonous habits. Many times, we crave diversity and adventure, but can’t seem to see past the 9 to 5 time clock. And then came 2021… This year let’s make the resolution to take part in new experiences and enjoy all that life has to offer. This is not to say you must go skydiving or snorkeling (only if you want to), but instead, to make sure we fill our lives with the genuine happiness and excitement that accompanies new experiences. Out with the mundane, and in with the excitement! 

Create Positivity for Yourself and Those Around You

Just as we should be the change we wish to see; we should be the light in the darkness as well. We thrive based upon our environments and the positivity and negativity that is consumed within them. Our mental stability is supported by the positive attributes that we allow in. So why not make our own positivity? We have so much to be grateful for, despite the year of uncertainty we have all experienced. As we enter the new year, let’s allow that gratitude to transfer into 2021, and produce positivity for both ourselves and those around us. 

Allow Yourself to Feel 

Oftentimes we feel that it is easier to shy away from the emotions that can cause distress, only to bury the anxiety and discomfort, as opposed to facing them and thus, eliminating them completely. Allowing ourselves to feel ALL emotions, both positive and not so positive, gives us the chance to truly evaluate our emotional well-being. We are doing ourselves a disservice by neglecting emotions we may find uncomfortable. It is important to remember that through discomfort can come growth. With that in mind, we should aim to make the resolution to allow all feelings to be felt and deem all emotions to be valid. 

Just Breathe

With the common stresses associated with everyday life, oftentimes we find ourselves holding our breath and allowing our stress to build up. This year let’s breathe more and take time for ourselves. Whether it’s through mediation, journaling, yoga, or a simple walk around the neighborhood, find the time to unwind and just breathe. 

2021 is the start of a new year; a blank canvas that we each get to fill in with our own individual story. As this new year begins, let’s remain mindful and create resolutions that serve the purpose of maintaining a healthy and positive mindset. 

What mindful habits are you excited to explore in 2021? Let’s Talk!

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