The Selfish Act of Meditation

Meditation is an avenue towards self-love. It’s a pathway towards peace, forgiveness and patience. Patience with ourselves, patience with others. Loving yourself is selfish. Meditation is selfish. These are good things.

Being selfish with our time. Being selfish with our mind. These are good things. We decide who we are and who we become… only when we take the time to decide in our mind. 

Being selfish with our time and spending it on meditation has a ripple effect on our lives. It’s not about blocking out thoughts. Meditation is simply the practice of focusing on one thing. Our breath, that leaf, a golf ball. Whatever it is that we chose. We’re not erasing thoughts. We’re simply noticing them for a change.

When we try to sit still and examine our thoughts we will inevitably fail. If your A.D.D. is anything like mine, you’ll fail often. We can learn to forgive ourselves for failing during meditation. We can learn to forgive ourselves for failing in life. Maybe we can become better at forgiving others for their shortcomings too.

A little bit of selfish meditation in our daily routine can have a huge impact on our lives. Give it a try and come back next week for more #MeditationMonday content !

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