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NYC Nature, HOPE is a community and a home, providing a platform to an uncertain generation during an uncertain time. A platform for dreamers and doers to find their purpose. A community of friends sharing ideas, experiences and stories. Our main purpose is to break down stigmas around mental health by talking about it authentically. To be a part of the HOPE community, is to feel supported, guided and encouraged to share our voices and follow our passions. Every person and every story matters. Our strength as a community lies within connection; the ability to hear one another, support one another and mentor one another. We are more than just a company that supports mental health. We are a community of storytellers, united by the struggles faced within everyday life and the role that mental health has played within our individual journeys. We are the voices that speak out because we know that we are not alone. We are the door that is always open for new voices to be heard. And we are the community that is willing to prioritize individuals and their stories. Wherever that may lead us… 

Carley Wright, Director of Writing

In a time of much uncertainty and a personal lack of direction, I found a home at NYC Nature. What I initially thought would be just another internship to add to my resume, turned out to be a light at the end of the tunnel that ignited a purpose within me. My time within this community has allowed me to develop my voice and realize that my story, along with so many others, deserve to be shared. I have grown both as a writer and a human due to the support and encouragement of the NYC Nature community. And as I transition to a position of leadership, I plan to encourage and fully support my team as my mentors did with me. 

Enya Moore, Director of Video Production

Being a fresh graduate from college in 2020 wasn’t something that was easy in the slightest, but NYC, Nature helped me get through it. That summer was supposed to be many different things but it wound up being an amazing experience with this company. While the world around us unraveled, NYC, Nature held a structure to my life and taught me to not only have discipline over myself, but to have leadership over my mental health. NYC Nature has helped me grow my editing skills, as well as honing my networking and social skills. But most of all it’s been an inspiration for me to keep going and keep working especially for a company that cares so much about others. I am truly excited to take the things I’ve learned, provide leadership to others and expand NYC Nature’s horizons.  

Ronnie Burley, Director of Digital Marketing

Having just graduated from college in 2020, I had a difficult time searching for work that also gave me a feeling of purpose. The pandemic caused me to feel like I wasn’t doing enough and I’m fortunate to have stumbled on NYC Nature at just the right time. After seeing what NYC Nature stood for, I knew I wanted to be a part of their mission. What started as a Fashion Marketing internship turned into directing the social media and digital marketing content as well as leading the digital marketing team. NYC Nature inspires me to help others and make a positive force in more people’s lives. Being part of this community gives me the opportunity to do just that.

Ruthie Advokat, Director of Illustration and Design

I grew up loving art and drawing which led me to pursue a degree in design. I found NYC Nature and knew it was a company I really believed in and I was lucky enough to join the team as a Junior Designer. I have since taken on a leadership role in which I organize and mentor the design team as they bring people’s stories to life with illustration and design. Recently, I have been reflecting on myself and my path and I realized that no matter what I do in life, I want to make sure that it is meaningful and helping people. Working with NYC Nature has allowed me to continue my creative pursuits in a truly fulfilling way. 

Brian Westerman, Founder

When we started NYC Nature, our goal was to create a platform that could inspire others to share their stories in an authentic way. Our generation faces unique challenges and a massive increase in uncertainty about our futures. I knew from personal experience that the best way to manage uncertainty was to talk about it with others. To share our stories, to hear theirs. To understand that we’re not alone and we’re certainly not so different from one another. I didn’t know exactly how we would get to our goal but I knew that we would find the answer by doing what I do best: asking others for help. In our short existence, we’ve been blessed to have some amazing people help us see the vision clearer and help us grow towards it. We’re proud of the community we’ve created already: A leadership team with 5 extremely talented and passionate human beings. Beneath them (but just as valuable) are 12 extremely talented individuals on four separate teams. Creating art and telling stories about mental health, community and HOPE. 

Leadership to me is serving the people beneath you and inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves and, in this case, create amazing art and friendships within our community. 

My purpose over this journey has been to serve the people beneath me. Our purpose as a collective community has been to serve our audience. We’re looking forward to finding more passionate people to add to our community and molding more leaders among us. HOPE comes from Hearing Other People’s Experiences. This is just the beginning. We hope you join us for the ride. 

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Welcome to Our Community