With Love, Your Future Self

Dear Past Self,

This is a strange sensation, writing this letter to you. I wouldn’t say that this letter will be the romanticized script you have anticipated. I’ve always imagined that whenever I came around to writing this letter, I would be filled to the brim with knowledge and wisdom. I would be able to share the ways of the world and the secrets to success. I would hold the answers to your many questions and be the light at the end of a very winding tunnel. I must say, this letter is quite the contrary.

One of the many peculiar things about this world is that we are meant to believe our future is a point. A simple destination. That once we step foot into our future, we gain access to all of the answers. We imagine our future dictates our current journey, but what we don’t see is that our future is a continuous part of the journey. The answers to our many questions don’t lie within one point of destination, but rather lie scattered throughout the entire journey. As I am here, present in your future, I am confident in saying that I am still partaking in our journey.

Although I am unable to offer answers to all of your questions, I am however, able to offer you a little insight:

You aren’t aware of this yet, mainly because it took several years to comprehend, but you will soon discover that you have a power – a superpower. Unfortunately, it’s not the ability to fly, teleport or become invisible. However, your true gift is the ability to empathize with others. You care and feel deeply. You grant access to your full heart to all who may need it. To all who ask for the key. You listen intently and support wholly. Your ability to empathize is a strength that will only bring you closer to those around you. Don’t ever be afraid to utilize it. Although, as with all great power, comes great responsibility. And this responsibility is to yourself.

The most significant piece of guidance I can give to you is this: as much as you feel for others, do not forget to feel for yourself. Give yourself grace and allow yourself love. Feel ALL of your emotions, and do not hide who you are from the world. Empathize with others but identify within yourself. Realize you deserve the same amount of energy and affirmation from yourself as you give to everyone else. Do not let yourself fall by the wayside as you continue to feel for others. Empathy is what you can give the world, but self-love is what you can give to yourself. Show up for yourself as you show up for everyone else. Love who you are and share that love with the rest of the world.

Your questions will be answered in time, but your love for yourself should be felt each and every day. Practice self-love throughout your entire journey and commit to yourself as you commit to those around you. Life is good, but it is even better when love is involved. You’ll find your way.

With love,

Your Future Self

Written By Carley Wright

Illustrated By Ruthie Advokat

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