Three Mood-Journaling Apps We All Need to Try (Part II)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone or something keep track of ours moods, but simultaneously make us more aware of our emotions? Well, you’re in luck! In this three part series, Katy will share her reviews of three different mood-journaling apps, revealing all of the information we need to know before we press the download button! Replacing stars with journals, Katy rates each app based upon its style, interactiveness and accessibility. Be sure to check out part 1, if you haven’t already. This is part 2!

2. Jour

  • Style

While Jour might not have cute cloud graphics, they do have cloud stickers as well as other sticker packs to decorate your home screen, and to get the user pumped about their emotions. This app does contain a slew of beautiful art to help draw the eye of the user towards its key uses. 

Just like the other apps, Jour is extremely user friendly. At the bottom of the screen there are different tabs clearly labeled: Home, Journals, Breathe, Insights, and Entries. Each tab is also associated with different graphics which makes each tap of the mouse or screen that more exciting, because you never know what you’re going to see.

Overall, I give Jour 5/5 journals for style. 

  • Interactiveness

What was unique about Jour was just how interactive it was. Right when we open the app, it prompts us to do a daily check-in. We’ll be asked how we’re feeling on a scale from bad to great. Then we’ll be prompted to pick some things that are making us feel that way, such as work, family, location, etc. This will prompt the AI in the app to ask us some questions about why we might be feeling the way we do and what we can do about it. Depending on how we answer our daily check-in, will depend what type of journal Jour picks for us to fill out that day. However, we don’t just have to do one journal a day. In the “Journal” tab there are countless other journals all on different topics and the app is always coming up with more!

Following the daily journal comes the daily breath-control. This feature can be skipped, but after broaching our emotions like we do in the guided check-in and journal, I’ve found that the breathing is very helpful in grounding me back into the moment. If breathing is your thing, heck we have to do it anyways, you can always go to the “Breathe” tab and try out other guided breathing techniques to help keep calm and grounded. 

In the “Insights” and “Entries” tabs we can see an overview of all of our mood entries as well as the journals we have completed. In the “Entries” tab we can also click on the purple pencil in the bottom, right-hand corner to write a free-writing response, no prompt included, and it will be saved to the rest of our journal entries. 

I give Jour 10/5 journals for interactiveness!

  • Accessibility

If you’re looking for more of what Jour is about, it does have an instagram account @withjour

Unfortunately, just as with Breeze, Jour is only available on Apple products. If you are interested in downloading this app, it is available on iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone and requires said devices to have IOS 12.1 or later already downloaded. This app also only comes in English, which instantly rules out a lot of other people who could benefit from this app. 

And, finally, there is a membership fee. You can pay month to month, but when you first enter the app, it will prompt you to pay for a year up front which is $59.99. 

Overall, I give Jour 2/5 journals on accessibility.  

Stay tuned for part 3!

Written By Katy Egan

Illustrated By Katie Erickson

Posted in
Mental Health and the Media