Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation deals heavily in researching all forms of mental illness from anxiety and depression to autism and ADHD primarily in children. Their research falls under four categories of inquiry: Basic behavioral and scientific research, development of new technologies to support mental wellness and innovative, next generation therapies. The company collects donations that subsequently fund and support research that will effectively combat mental and brain disorders. While funding research is a large portion of the company’s mission, they also provide a plethora of educational information for the public. 

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation’s Blogs and Webinars provide crucial information regarding mental health awareness, upcoming research, proven therapy tactics, and beyond. This educational content is digestible for readers of all levels from practicing Phd.s to curious parents wanting to know more about their child’s mental experiences. The Foundation also produces a miniseries titled HealthyMindsTV that aims to discuss mental disorders in a humanizing manner that dismantles the stigma that so often plagues psychiatric disorders. This company fosters empathy and understanding in an effective and informative way. Their approach to psychiatric disorders is refreshingly empathetic as the company works to fund genuine research and change. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding this foundation and how we can help continuing to spread awareness.

Written By Cristina Gutierrez

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Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

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