A Community Spreading HOPE with Authentic Content

NYC Nature, HOPE is a community of friends with the mission of spreading hope. We all have problems. A lot of them. Life gets better when we own them, laugh at them, and share them with others. Life gets better when we connect with each other.

We're using authentic and relatable content to entertain and inspire people to join us in spreading H.O.P.E. We want to breakdown stigmas around mental health, listen to people, and empathize with their stories. We also hope to use creative ideas to inspire others to think deeply about their lives, their beliefs and society as a whole. To inspire others to connect with each other, meet new people and and learn new ideas. It won't be perfect. But neither are we. And that's a beautiful thing.

H.O.P.E. comes from Hearing Other People's Experiences. Hope comes from accepting people for who they are and who they want to be. Hope comes from failure, courage and laughter. Hope comes from following our passions. Hope comes from sharing what goes on in our lives and in our heads. Hope comes from storytelling.

But mostly, hope comes from friendship.

 We hope you join us.

We hope you share.

We hope you enjoy.



We have resources here to help you.