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Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation deals heavily in researching all forms of mental illness from anxiety and depression to ...

PTSD Awareness Day

June 27 is PTSD awareness day, which means it’s time to talk about it.  In honor of June 27, or ...

Top 5 Mental Health Apps of Today

Our world is filled with technological advancements, well beyond our wildest dreams. Our society revolves around a digital platform, and ...

5 Actions We Can All Take to Help Destigmatize Mental Health

The month of April has come and gone, and we have now entered the new month of May. May might ...

Meditation Monday

Three Types of Meditation. Meditation is an ancient tradition with nine main types: mindfulness meditationspiritual meditationfocused meditationmovement meditationmantra meditationtranscendental meditationprogressive ...

Mental Illness: The Stigma in the Workplace

Employers are affected by the stigma surrounding mental health. What are we supposed to do about it?  Recently, I’ve been ...


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