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Despair: Why It’s There and What Can Help

Warning: This article contains information in reference to suicide and self-harm. If you are sensitive to these topics please read ...

Five Self-Care Ideas to Try in 2021

By:  Michelle Scruggs There are so many resolutions that we find ourselves making right before a new year starts.  Some ...

5 Mindful Resolutions to Make for the New Year

Carley Wright  Along with a new year comes plenty of new year resolutions. What if this year, instead of making ...

Top 5 Mental Health Apps Of 2020

Carley Wright  Our world is filled with technological advancements, well beyond our wildest dreams. Our society revolves around a digital ...

3 Ways to Feel at Home for the Holidays, Even If You’re Miles Away

By Carley Wright For many of us, this holiday season may not look like the traditional holiday season we all ...

7 Bipolar Celebrities

By: Katy Egan When it comes to suffering from mental illness, it’s important to remember that we’re never alone in ...


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